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Our award-winning Internet connection software includes the latest Web browsers, lots of multimedia plug-ins, and other Internet software-free.
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 Free 25mb Web Site

The 25mb of personal webspace you get with your membership is enough to create a Web site about yourself, your family, your hobby, or your business. Your imagination is the only limit.
We also offer Commercial Hosting(
 Free Internet Access

Why pay … when you can get it for free! Recommend thinkAccess service to a friend or family member and get credit for a month's free access, when they Sign-up for service.

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With thunk, we deliver thinkAccess and Internet news, hot Web sites, tips, Net events, chat suggestions, and more to your eMailbox. The writing is clear, concise, and jargon free.

Free thinkAccess web-based eMail.

With the growing popularity of the Internet, many of us find ourselves in places that have WWW access. thinkAccess allows you to use a WWW Browser to read your email, reply, forward, delete and send new messages, making your email accessible from anywhere.

thinkAccess, protecting the kids.
Screening including URL's, Newsgroups, Chatlines, and filtering.


When you "Think Access" !!

think \Think\: to conceive; to imagine. | access \Ac*cess\: the act of approaching or entering.